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About Me

Hello to all who are reading this & thank you for stopping by!

I want to share with you my thoughts & feelings & the reason I was led to create

As a father of 2 little girls, I wake up every morning knowing that a high priority of mine is to keep my children safe by any means possible. As a parent, I know I cant always be within arms reach to protect them. So I decided to work towards a solution to not only help build confidence in my own child's safety, but for other parents & guardians as well that feel the same way. Keep A Close Watch was then born to provide exclusive, easy to use, technological ways through smart watches to aid in the safety of our kiddos. To me, is more than just a store with helpful watches, it's a mindset! It's a way of life!

I hope you enjoy browsing the store & thank you for choosing to shop with us!

Always Remember,

Keep A Close Watch


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